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What is this place?

This is my little corner of the internet featuring mostly the intricate and fucked up leanings and learnings within my twisted mind.

I intend on exploring many different aspects of kink and dealing with the stickiest issues that I know about. Some of these I have had experience with, others less so. Regardless I want to provide a resource for people who also are interested in the more extreme side of life. I am also an avid leather worker, wood worker, and cigar enthusiast so be prepared for a very random collection of posts about the vast array of things that I do

I will also offer my opinions on all sorts of things from feminism to dating and all the way back to making my way in this “professional” world with a Batman-like alter ego that goes around tying up beautiful women at night – at their behest of course.

This is currently my life. Some may find it odd enough that I am not a womanizer or a general all around tool bag though I’m sure I have some exes who would disagree strongly. I engage in kink because I find it to be very empowering for the women and men who I top as well as enjoyable myself.