Humble Beginnings

So I fully intend for this blog to be very eclectic and wild. I intend for it to be widely varied and open to all sorts of different things. Some days I may write about kink, other days I may get on my high horse about feminism or gender. It’s really hard to maintain focus on one particular topic for me, as it eventually feels like I am attempting to re-murder a dead horse.

No one likes it when animals get murdered.

Thus, I would assume that murdered animals getting murdered is also frowned upon.

Image result for beating a dead horse
Sometimes I am worse than Call of Duty…

On to me, I am just a kinkster who is decently educated and wanting to further the knowledge base for all users of this thing called the internet. If it succeeds to reach at least one person, I’m glad to have helped. If it doesn’t, then I have a good little database with which to refer people to when I’m talking about myself and the eclectic things that I do..

I am the owner of a leather and wood business so be prepared for tons of unnecessary wood and leather jokes and puns. Both can get a little stiff at times

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