The Erotic Manhandle

I guess its kind of weird considering I really do enjoy dating intelligent and willful women, but interestingly this is one of my favorite domination techniques.

The erotic manhandle is one of the things that is quinessential to my play. I feel like there are very few moves that honestly make it so that one can really feel the connection and understanding between two but also show that they are in control. Many times BDSM is devoted to toys and rope and more toys, especially here in the good ol US of A. So sometimes its quite the treat to stick to the bare bones.

Personally one of the things that Ive been trying to do recently is keeping my toys to a minimum of three or four. This is mostly because I really like to accessorize and frankly just like my toys! Yet I digress

For a quick example of the erotic manhandle just open up any porn site and take a look at how the begin the scenes. Specifically I am talking about the type shit or hardtied or any of those.


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This can be incorporated into any type of play such as rope, leather fetish, and just any other kink that you can come up with. Got a foot fetish? Kick the fuck out of someone or lock someone up with your legs. Whatever the kink, there is a way you can take this to 11.

That’s one of the things I’m about here. Not only kinking, but doing it hard. Don’t look at this and say, “Hey this guy does it, so why don’t I?”

Ill tell you why, because I’m me and you are not. I have put in my hours and know some level of safety with what I do.

Now with that out of the way I can also say that take-downs can be fun as shit. Wanna tackle the fuck out of your partner? Are they bigger than you? Awesome, look up some judo shit. Wanna do it with rope? Look into Barkas’ Ranboo style of kinbaku (BTW this is some amazing shit).

Needless to say this can be a huge asset to anyone’s play.

One of the things on this is that I have noticed that a good tackle or a solid man-handling really pulls everyone together. If you think your play is getting stale, go ahead and tackle for good measure. Nothing really satisfies like a hand around the throat out of the blue.

News on choking

Trust me, in the middle of a scene, this can really switch things up.

Further, I recommend not doing this when around vanilla people. It makes it much more complicated and they start throwing around words like rape and IPV. So yeah… That shits not cool.


So now you know you want to get into the whole man-handling aspect of things. Where do you start?

Many cons offer sexual take down classes, and how to fall. The falling is almost as important as the taking down, but regardless to find a place to start I’ve found this super handy tackling guide on football tackles. Just disregard all their bullshit rules.

Further do your own research. Find out what works for you. That’s where it all begins, right here. Three simple words: rough body play. There’s a kinkopedia link for ya to get you started.

Now go out and kink hard.

Let me know how it works. It’ll change your game. Trust me. But overall stay safe.

Kink hard, kink often my friends.

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