Dis how you learn to swallow swords and possibly get wifed reallllly hard

o recently I’ve started dating a beautiful person who just so happens to be a sword swallower. I find this to be a very fascinating metaphor for life in some way, but I am not 100 percent how, so I figured I would share it with my lovely blog community and see if others can get their own meaning.

Swallowing a sword is no easy feat. Tons of unnatural shit happens that honestly probably shouldn’t. I have had it explained in graphic detail, including the whole sliding a piece of steel/aluminum between the lungs and then pushing aside the heart to move down to the top of the stomach, then into the cavity where all the digestion takes place.

The funniest thing is that when people ask my partner how to learn to swallow swords their response is “Suck a lot of dick.” That’s it folks, suck cock.

Dick sucking unicorn is where its at
Dis how you learn to swallow swords and get wifed really hard.

Like I said, I imagine there is a deep metaphor in there somewhere (in the belly maybe, heh).

Dick sucking is a pretty standard part of foreplay these days and is illegal in most states, yet it seems to be the best way to learn to swallow swords. Something about ramming steel down your throat being a metaphor for a job or maybe just a really cool party trick.

Skills that are translatable to the “real world” are in short supply. For example, I know some riggers that do shibari but also rig for movies and construction companies. This is not normal for most people though. Not like shibari ties are very useful outside of the torture and aesthetic purposes.

So what is the metaphor there? Anyone see how deep this could be? Maybe not, but I just wanted to throw this out on the community and see what came back!

Oh and heres another slightly related meme.art meme dick

Anyway… Kink hard, my friends.

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