Your Relationship is Special Just like Everyone Elses

Something I’ve come across recently is a large part attributed to some things I’ve dealt with dealing with a poly lifestyle. Just because this is my frame of reference, doesn’t mean it is not applicable in a monogamous capacity but this is simply where I am coming from to give a gauge and set the stage.
I guess it was through my own experiences with monogamy that I found out that all of my relationships were special. Because each and every time it became a head-over-ass style love where I just ended up flopping around in a puddle of myself and girlfriend for a time. This quickly gave way to flopping about in a much less fun way. I’m not passing judgement, as everyone is as entitled to their fucked up lives as I am.
Singing Meat Loaf songs is the kinky way of doing things
Even so I’ve found very crucial bits of information through life. There’s tons of people who fall madly in love and the significant other becomes their world. It’s a very good look for people. In fact, I’m a huge fan of hanging out with people who used to be two separate individuals but have since turned into puddles of NRE and infatuation. These relationships are usually amazing until one partner feels some kind of way and decides to run. For this reason I had the realization that it’s really fuckin hard to be two whole people if you aren’t even whole yourself. This is one of the reasons that I am fully committed to working on myself. I honestly think if you don’t there’s already a level of being fucked out of any kind of meaningful life, much less a relationship that is worth a damn.
What I’ve found through my journeys is that every relationship is unique just like everyone else’s.That’s right boys and girls, I’m superbly happy for you and your unique delicious relationship that is true love but it’s really not special. Everyone has had the subjective experience of a love beyond anything they have had before. It is actually a very common occurrence. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it is important to note.
Enter NRE. Thats right folks, A fancy acryonym for something everyone has experienced. New Relationship Energy is the usual Jane is into MS dynamicsenamoring most associated with the “Honeymoon phase” of a relationship. I generally look at this instead of being in love with a partner that I find myself “in lust” with a person. The occurs within the vanilla communities, kinky ones, or poly relationships aswell. I just find it near laughable when people gush to me about their brand new relationship as I have seen tons and tons explode, even within my own life. This is often when my observation hurts people the most as they don’t want to face the music.
I am not immune to the NRE, I get it all the time, but it is important to name it for me as it loses the power. But I digress, this is just one reason that people hate to hear what I have to say about that.
Every relationship is special. No two people are the same. It is literally imposible to have the same relationship, but really who the fuck cares? There are similarities between relationships but no two clone one another. Which is why every relationship is special just like everyone’s elses. The answer to who the fuck cares is simple.
You. You care. That’s pretty cool.
So stick that in your coffee and drank it.
And as always, Kink hard friends.

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