One of the things that I’ve been told is that I’m extremely “extra”. Personally I find this term stupid, but you are free to be a douche if you like by destroying the English language.

I’m told that being extra isn’t really a bad thing but the reason that I go with this is because I really do believe that as the great sage Tony Montana once said, “nothing exceeds like excess”

I have brought this into my play in the realest way that I know how. I have been told that I take the usual things and dial them up to around 15 on a 1-10 scale. This is not something that people are all about. It may be fun to watch, but people really aren’t into being completely broken. Hard edge players are though, and this is something that I kind of just stumbled into.

Needless to say, it was really difficult to find people to play with. My usual avenues of Tindering up dates and then going through the explanations of why I do what I do had become exhausted. Admittedly it wasn’t that successful anyway.

I usually find it adorable when people tell me they are kinky, as then I have to specify what they mean by that. Mostly people don’t know what to say as they go with, “well….You know… like handcuffs and spankings and such.”

123_1_6-02I generally kind of titter to myself and just point them at my Instagram. It usually much easier to show than tell.











Some say this is really a bit much, but I must let you know, its really satisfying when you say that. In fact, its better than eating a bag of burritos in a meeting of Overeaters Anonymous. If you haven’t tried this, you definitely should. Very few things really feel that awesome.


With food in mind, I think this is a perfect analogy. I was discussing the difficulties of people who say that they are kinky and follow that up with, “well I got spanked once, and then my boyfriend used a handcuff!” This is the Tabasco sauce of kinky.

Everyone has tried it and most people are into it. I have been told, however, that my kink is more like going to a Thai restaurant and telling them that you like spicy food. Its really not a good idea, considering their definition of spicy is more along the line of ghost peppers than Tobasco. People may think that they are all about spicy food as they have done the hot sauce thing, but really they are just eating the mass produced hotness that society likes to eat. These people at these Thai or Indian restaurants have a completely different story to tell. If you have ever seen someone go in there and order their hottest dish on a “level 10” which for us here in Louisiana the proprietors of such establishments say, “Silly white folk, how hot do you want this on a scale from one to ten? Okaaay….well don’t get mad if you hate it because you kind of asked for it!” I have been told I’m in the ballpark of the 11 or so, which is flattering, but also not true. I don’t needle people in the eyeballs or flay people open…often (actually never – doesn’t even sound appealing to me).  Personally, I’d say I’m around an 8. But we are all our own worst critics, eh?

I have done really soft and lovey dovey play, but I think that’s what everyone does. So why is it so outside the box to not want to be inside the box?

Honestly, I don’t kink hard because I want to scare people, though this is a nice addition to my proclivities. Its just that honestly I find the base level kink of engaging in simply a power exchange and leaving the more intense connections of hurting someone, or pushing their envelope, more boring than a bowl of Xanax bars (just kidding, this could be fun).

bowl of bars
Is anyone else shocked this is a thing? I love this world

Its also like a very complex and highly dangerous puzzle. Now mind you, I’m not one for crosswords, but if you consider this puzzle has boobies and a deeper connection than you can find anywhere else – I’m there in a damn heartbeat. I find that this connection is far more intense than anything in comparison to the humdrum of everyday life. For me, it was once I found out how to hurt people safely, and to push their envelope in the best way possible, I saw that I could empower them while doing away with my unwanted and unused aggression. Whats not to love?

So the long and short of it is when asked why I do things so hard its simply because this I find to be the most satisfying. Please note, I didn’t say that this was the only way to do things, nor did I say that this is the best way. It is simply the way that I do things.

So if you are into the hard shit, welcome to

If  not, feel free to check out some Care Bear porn while you are here. Because this is all the cares and fucks that I give.

Care Bear porn

Good luck

As always, Kink hard friends.

Kink often.

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