Within the last month, I had the privlidge of going to Dark Odyssey’s Fusion and let me tell you, I have finally found my people.

I have been disillusioned with the local kink scene as there is a fair amount of discrimination against those who play really hard in my local scene. It is the most absurd thing considering I was initially welcomed into the scene here as a brand new little kinkling. With bright eyes and a bushy little tail, I explored around with a few people in the scene who will no longer play with me as they are seemingly afraid of what I do these days.

Its an odd kind of twist, going from a hot comodity to the kind of person who people are hesitant to play with. It leaves me interested in what people view as kinky around these parts. I don’t mean to tell them to fuck off, but in reality they can all go sit on a screw.

Anyway, at Fusion, it seems all the people who play really hard are all kickin’ it up north. All of the really painful scenes and really out there stuff has beeen hiding in the north east. While it was a blast, there was the usual poly tension of being around a bunch of people who my partner has fucked, and further those who we both would have liked to fuck. In all honesty, it was a really nice outlet to face some of the tensions that were building within the relationship around the poly thing.

Its really hard to do, but so far its been very much worthwhile.

kinky sharks are kinky

The kinksters that I met had things such as the Objectificiation Raffle, which was an opportunity for people to poke and prod people publicly that are on “sale” for a scene. Apparently this was a replacement of the previously dubbed “slave auction” which caused a large amount of drama due to the non-PC nature of things.

They had all sorts of goodies to partake in such as a whole jungle gym with which to play on, huge lighting rigs with which to suspend on, and a massive fire circle. I saw people bubbling propane through dawn dish soap and water to create a spectacular flamable bubble display across a persons shoulder.

We set up our hammocks in bunk bed style as my partner and I look very similar to brothers so we joke that there is a fair amount of incest play that happens. We dubbed our camp Cloud City. Luckily it held up to some solid abuse of rain and a huge storm, but that was the only time it got crazy bad that weekend.

Really, I just realized that I hadn’t posted in quite some time and as I have no photos from DO Fusion. They dont allow these photo devices as they pay fancy photographers to handle that shit. It seemed like they were most interested in the famous people and people who were doing wild ass shit, not necessarily the people who can blend into the crowd like myself.

But thats none of my business…

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